A downloadable game for Windows

This is a simple endless runner that I made for the Winter 2019 Game Jam.

And they call it puppy love........but how long can it last? Use the space bar to jump and watch out for the chocolate! The P key will pause the game and will let you return to the main menu or quit the game.

The main menu is simple and it also lets you play or quit the game. There is also a about button, which gives a sort description of my game. 

The game was built using the default sidescroller map and taken further.

This was the first game that I have made for a Game Jam and more will come....

Install instructions

Download the ZIP File and unpackage it. Then play the GloryRunners application to begin the game.


LiamRylandsTeam_GloryRunners.7z 151 MB


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Nice attempt mate! The animation of dog looks cute , a bit stiff , but nice work! :) cheers